Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chocolate Hazelnut Praline

Since my mother brought back some Chocolate Hazelnut Praline from Paris, France in 1981, we've searched for a suitable comparison in the US.

Brands came and went, but until last week, the Ritter Sport Hazelnut Praline or Nutella Hazelnut Spread seemed to be the best choices.  While these are pretty good, they just aren't quite the flavor I am looking for.

A few days ago I was at Big Lots, and once again came across some Cémoi chocolate. This time it was their Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Praline.

Let's just say I bought them all. And yes, I want more! I hope they aren't being discontinued. Finding stuff at Big Lots is not a good sign.

If you know where to buy these, please share!  I've e-mailed Cémoi, and wait feverishly for a response. :)